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Dakota Sauvé



Hey there, my name's Dakota Sauvé. You can pronounce it "Suave" if you'd like, but I won't promise that's accurate! 

My background is in audio production, computer engineering, project management and game development - a "vigorous generalist" if you'd like.

I produce original music, develop video games, and compose adaptive audio for them using Ableton Live, FMOD, and Unreal Engine primarily. 


I have years of experience in project management in the tech field, as well as business development, UI/UX testing, quality and operations management experience which has been immensely handy in creative projects. 

If you'd like to reach out to have a chat or have any questions, my channels are always open. I'd love to hear from you.

Professional Services

Professional Services

Music Production

I've been fortunate enough to undertake a mentorship with senior producer Ant Elwell of Adelaide Audio Institute, which continues to bring a new level of consistency to my productions ranging from hip-hop or pop, to synthwave and industrial EDM. 

Unreal Engine Development

Using tools like Unreal Blueprint scripting, Procedural Content Generation, Metasounds, and the cinematics sequencer allows tech geeks like myself more creative freeplay and precision in creating environments, immersive gameplay mechanics and adaptive sound. 

Game Audio Design

With the modern requirements of adaptive soundscapes, modulated sound effects and environmental occlusion, it's more and more necessary to bring those immersive experiences to today's generation of gamers.

Business Development

Having been fortunate to work alongside some of Adelaide's brightest minds in the Defence industry, my focus has been to build reputable skills in business development such as CRM, systems improvement, process management & qualifying customer needs.

Game Production & Design

Games require critical thinking to design suitable game environments with innovative gameplay, beautiful art-direction and integrated audio design. Effective production requires a holistic approach. 

Project Management

I've always enjoyed productivity systems like to-do lists and excel spreadsheets a little too much. These quickly grew into gantt charts, Jira boards, Confluence pages and Agile Scrum retrospectives. As a PMI Agile Certified Practitioner, my goal is to deliver the right outcomes at the right time.


Contact me through the form below or connect on your platform of choice. I look forward to hearing from you!

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