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Business Development & PM


Snapshots of projects I've been involved with for all business development, UI/UX quality assurance and project management

Project Defect Confluence.jpg

Project Planning - 'Defect'

'Project Defect' is an early-stages tactical first person shooter with innovative game mechanics and designed by ex-AAA artists. I've been been brought on board for project management and business development duties, as well as sound implementation.

Program Management - Music Production Projects

Couldn't forget about my own personal business systems! I use the Agile Scrum framework for my own music production projects. You've got to walk the talk after all!

Music Production Management.jpg

Strategy Development - 'Glitter & Blood'

'Glitter & Blood' is an LGBT game focused on representation for the queer community, paired with immersive party-game style gameplay. This is a personal project in development with the current focus on creating a business case, player personas, and market penetration.

Agile Project Management - 'Defect'

For 'Project Defect', we use the Jira Project Management Suite and the Agile framework. I've also built an Intranet page that holds joint documentation the team will use, as well as hosting 'sprint retrospectives' so we can cover what the team has done well, what needs improvement, and what we need to stop doing.

Project Defect PMP.jpg
Game Business Planning.jpg

Gaming Business Management - 'Defect'

Building a team from scratch and ensuring all the resources the team needs during production is not a simple task. Building up documentation, processes, IT systems and seeking legal aid to ensure everyone is working in a transparent and supportive way is essential.

Market Analysis - 'Faunia'

'Project Faunia' is a nostalgic third-person shooter with a focus on beautifully simple low-poly level design and simple yet immersive gameplay. With a market saturated with video games, both AAA and indie, you need a hook. You also need to learn from what other games have done well, or failed with. The video game business is tough toenails and you can't just jump right in! Proper market research avoids time wastage or can unveil a new strategic angle.

Market Analysis - Faunia.jpg
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