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Game Development


Snapshots of projects I've been involved with for game development, including environment/level design, sound design, and programming in Unreal Engine.


"Alpha Elf"


A solo-developed top-down survival game created out of an Unreal Engine course I took to better arm myself with the tools successful game developers need.

All game mechanics, lighting, blueprint programming, animation integration, post-processing, and UI development was done by myself through the course. Sound design was implemented afterwards.

This game has taught me lot about the game development process and how to finish a game which seems to be the biggest issue developers face.

"Project Faunia"

Meet our first character! Designed and sculpted by our artist Fred Baggetto. Now that he's rigged up and animated, we're ready to get him in game and test the level's we've built so far. 

Fox Character.png

Post-processing, audio and art-direction has been concepted in the levels. Game mechanics and UI are in the process of being developed by myself, and grey-boxing levels further will be completed collaboratively as a team.


The intention is to make this game reminiscent of early 2000's RPGs and shooters, yet bring a modern indie touch to keep it light-hearted and engaging.


Programming - Unreal Engine Blueprint Scripting

Learning UE4 Blueprint Programming has been immensely helpful for understanding the logic that goes into gameplay mechanics, material editing, UI widgets, mesh manipulation and rendering.

VFX & Animation Implementation

During the development of "Alpha Elf" through the UE4 course, I learned a lot of technical skills. Animation integration, movement blendspaces, and VFX manipulation in the Cascade editor were covered. These skills have even helped create the cinematics displayed in the "Media & Film" page.

UE4 Sample.jpg

"ArchViz" Demo Level

During the Unreal Engine course, I learned meshing tactics, post-processing and functional lighting design to help bring a level of realism to a scene. For AAA grade environment design required in 'Project Defect', this is essential and I intend to continue building these skillsets.

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