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Media, Film & Cinematics


All scenes developed by myself, including original soundscapes, post-processing, visual effects and video editing.

Project Faunia - "Retrofuture" Level

A progressive low-poly cyberpunk world without all the overdone dystopian themes. A relaxing yet upbeat synthwave inspired track to guide you through the forest.


A short horror scene to implying a terrible turn of events just around the corner. "Blood Pledge" is an ambient industrial soundscape that builds in intensity to carry the player through the turmoil.


Cel-shaded dual-tone art direction to give this alien planet a simple yet fun aesthetic. Cinematics all built in the Unreal Engine sequencer and edited in Resolve. A sci-fi inspired soundscape named "Raid" to build up to the lightning strike.

Project Faunia - "Onsen Blossom" Level

A snowy Japanese backcountry inspired animated scene with an original lofi soundscape. Windy world instruments and shimmery sounds to fit the tone.

"Electric Blue Forest"

A light fantasy orchestral track to give this dual-tone electric forest some movement. Basic pine tree and fern meshes with a different shader to give it the low-poly look.

"Generator Station"

A dark and moody sci-fi level for the players to find their way through the various generator stations. Some blue lighting and green spark VFX in this sequence to set the scene. 

"Blossom Mountain"

This was the first completed scene I ever made in Unreal Engine. Snowy VFX and more realism used for this mountain top sequence. A dreamy yet empowering synthwave song to enjoy the sunset at the pinnacle. Just be sure to bundle up.

SFX Sound Design Tutorial - SAGAJ20

During the South Australian Game Audio Jam 2020, we were tasked with creating a composition or SFX sound collage using a tape deck/VHS recording as the basis. I designed ~20 SFX in a sample pack now available for game developers to use for their games. I made a breakdown video for the design on YouTube, here's a taste.

"Retrofuture Anime"

A bit of an anime-style cel-shaded re-vamp of the Project Faunia level "Retrofuture". A nice cherry tune to accompany the audience for an easy stroll through the quaint sleepy town.

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